Samsung has revealed its rigorous testing process for Phones with bendable Screens

Samsung has revealed its rigorous testing process for phones with bendable screens

There is a lot of discussion about the durability of mobile phones with flexible screens , especially those manufactured by Samsung because they are the most widespread. On the other hand, you'd be surprised how durable they are compared to classic phones. However, to show customers how rigorously they test their new flip phone models, the company released a video of their internal testing process.

Comprehensive testing

Like most manufacturers, Samsung absolutely thoroughly tests all of its foldable models. To be clear, it is clear that this is some kind of promotional material and that the real process probably looks more or less different, but it is still very interesting to see what this model of mobile phone managed to endure during this short video clip of something under two minutes.

In this recording, it is shown how these phones are manufactured and assembled, how the back of the device is installed, and how water resistance is tested. In addition, you can see the process of testing the compatibility of the S-Pen smart pen, as well as testing how many times such a device can be folded and opened, as well as many other tests. We emphasize that this is a promotional video, but that does not diminish its interest.

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"But they are easily scratched"

Skepticism about the durability of foldable mobile phones has been around since the first models appeared in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold device. And honestly, the first generation really had a lot of minor or major problems, starting with a very visible unevenness in the middle of the screen, a so-called crease, poor longevity of the hinge that was easily damaged due to dust, an extremely delicate screen with poor plastic protection...


However, we are also aware that the fourth generation of these mobile phones has improved significantly from the initial weak steps and that we now have, at the very least, phones that are usable in everyday situations. After all, in a few days you will be able to read our test of the Galaxy Z Fold4 phone.

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