Vivax BS-260 Speaker System Review – A Bluetooth Speakers

 Although I was initially small and skeptical about the new Vivax BS-260 Bluetooth speaker, after I tried it for the first time, it managed to put a smile on my face. It's better than I thought... :)

Vivax BS-260 Speaker System Review – A Bluetooth Speakers

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It always comes in handy!

If wireless headphones are one of the most commonly used accessories for smartphones, much better audio freedom is provided by wireless speakers such as the new Vivax BS-260 that we had the opportunity to try and I must admit that we were pleasantly surprised. Namely, if you regularly follow our portal, then you know that we have tested a large number of Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones of various manufacturers and prices, and when we saw the price at which this speaker is sold, I did not really have high hopes that it would work well. How wrong I was!

Already after the first switch on, I realized that it actually works much better than I expected. I even made a special video in which I compared three very similar devices, and it turned out that the Vivax BS-260 is the cheapest and has the best bass! Otherwise, it is ideal for all gatherings, from birthdays, various parties, christenings, barbecues, enjoying the sea or nature and various other gatherings with friends and relatives, that is, with those you normally hang out with.

You will very easily and simply connect it to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any device that supports Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio input. All in all, this is something that everyone would like to have, and even more so when you find out what kind of money it is, you will want it even more because its price is only about sixty euros.

By the way, for the purposes of this mini-review, we purchased it through the Vivax official website , which we can also recommend to you.


You will find this wireless speaker in a colorful larger box, and with it you will also receive a microUSB cable for charging the battery, as well as a 3.5mm audio cable for wired connection to an external sound source. Of course, the box also contains instructions for use in several languages, which we definitely recommend reading (there are only a few pages in Croatian) because you will find out exactly what each button means and how to activate each function), and there is also a warranty card. Everything you need is in the box.

Vivax BS-260 Speaker System Unboxing

Design and functions

The housing is plastic and black in color, and the first thing that immediately catches the eye is the carrying handle, which means that the speaker is easily portable and you will be able to listen to it while you are on the move. Well, you know how young people already do it... :) Over the central part, it is covered with some kind of waterproof fabric, so you can use it on the beach without any problems, and if a little water splashes on it, nothing will happen to it. Of course, don't submerge it in water, you can't listen to it under water anyway, and fish certainly don't listen to your kind of music... :)

On the front, in the upper part, there are several buttons that we will briefly describe (from left to right):

- 4x LED lights (white) - show how much the battery is charged, when they are all lit, the battery is at 100%

- mute button / jumping to the previous song

- volume up button / jumping to the next song

- play / pause

- Mode - you change the operating mode: Bluetooth, USB, microSD, FM radio and AUX

- TWS button - serves for wireless pairing of another speaker

- power button and switching off

On the back, at the bottom, you will see a large rubberized waterproof cover under which the inputs are hidden - a standard USB-A into which you can connect a flash memory with MP3 music (or an adapter with a microSD card), then a microUSB input for charging the battery (you can connect the speaker to any a charger from a smartphone, tablet or similar device), and a 3.5mm audio input (AUX) through which you can connect an external sound source via wire. On the lower side, there is a larger rubberized surface that will firmly hold the speaker in one place, so that it does not "move" during stronger amplification.

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You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and play all the great music you probably have on your mobile device on the Vivax BS-260 speaker. And how does it all sound? Excellent, much better than I expected, so you will fully enjoy its capabilities. Namely, two 30W speakers are built in, which "beat" very well and have a fairly high-quality, deep and full sound. The speakers are facing forward, and on the side you will see passive radiators that must be free in order to "vibrate", i.e. to give the sound a recognizable depth. As I already mentioned, I compared it with some other models we have in the newsroom and it turned out to be one of the better ones, which pleasantly surprised me considering its low price.

I will mention that it also has an FM radio, it does not have a special antenna, but it picks up radio stations quite well. According to the instructions, it can memorize up to 30 radio stations. For me, it picked up radio stations very well even with the antenna closed and in a closed space, but this may also depend on the location where you are.

Battery and connectivity

There is a built-in lithium-ion battery of 3600mAh that can last up to 8 hours at 50% volume, or up to 3 hours at maximum volume, which is not bad. What we definitely recommend is to always have an extra power bank battery with you, so if it stops working, you can easily top it up with energy. You charge the battery via the microSD cable that comes in the box, and the input is located on the back of the speaker, and the maximum charging power is 5V/2A, i.e. 10W. However, I have to admit that I would like the battery to be a bit stronger.


Easy to use, strong quality sound and for more serious partying, simple and easily portable design and a very reasonable price, these are the characteristics of this Vivax BS-260 wireless Bluetooth speaker that managed to pleasantly surprise me. If you like company and hanging out late into the night with good music, this Bluetooth speaker can provide that for very little money.

The interesting thing about this type of device is that they are very durable and long-lasting, so if you take care of it, it can last you for years, much longer than, for example, smartphones. I have nothing more to add than to simply recommend it. We got it through the Vivax official website , where you will find a list of a large number of shops and webshops where you can get Vivax products.

By the way, the price of this wireless speaker ranges from HRK 449 to HRK 499 (around 60 euros), which is a very small price for great musical freedom. It's well worth it, and considering the power and quality of the sound, or rather the ratio of investment to profit, I can freely recommend it.


• Brand: Vivax

• Model: BS-260

• Color: black

• Bluetooth: yes

• Battery: 3600mAh (7.4V)

• Battery life: up to 8 hours at 50% volume, up to 3 hours at maximum volume

• Battery charging: 5V/ 2A (10W)

• Speaker power: 2x 30W RMS (7.6cm, 80Hz-16kHz)

• Water resistance: yes, IPX5 (resistant to rain and water splashes)

• Inputs/outputs: microUSB (battery charging), USB-A, 3.5 mm audio (AUX in)

• Functions: microphone (for making calls), Siri and Google voice assistants, FM radio with memory (up to 30 stations), connection of two speakers, enhanced bass sound

• Dimensions: 366 x 143 x 188 millimeters

• Weight: 2.85 kilograms

• In the package: BS-260 speaker, USB Type-C cable, 3.5mm audio cable, instructions for use and warranty card

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