MeanIT Start S5 Review – A Serious but very simple Smartphone for the Elderly


MeanIT Start S5 Review

We will all be young at one point in our lives and will not experience any health problems at all. But after years and years of life, one morning you will wake up and realize that your sight and hearing are a little weaker. Somehow the letters on your mobile phone screen will be blurry and unreadable...

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Aging and weakening of the senses are inevitable in our life. But it also does not mean that you have to give up everything you used and got used to, because smart devices are appearing that really help with these unpleasant facts. One of them is a smartphone for the elderly that, interestingly, looks completely identical to today's standard smartphones. This is a big change in the thinking of manufacturers of such specialized devices. By the way, for the purposes of our review, we purchased the smartphone from the popular domestic MeanIT webshop , which we can also recommend to you.

Until now, these devices generally looked like cell phones from the beginning of the 21st century. They were quite clunky and had a small screen, but they had something that older people needed – simplicity and reliability. But the time has come for changes - we present the MeanIT Start S5 - a smartphone for the elderly. Simply, it is a device that looks like a "real" smartphone, but it also has some additional very useful functionalities.


The appearance of the MeanIT Start S5 smartphone is standard, i.e. the mobile phone looks practically the same as any other. The phone itself is very stylish and comes in a glossy black color. The screen is 5 inches (12.7 centimeters), and at its bottom you will notice three physical buttons - for making or ending calls and the SOS button . The keys are raised, so that the user can feel under his fingers which key he is touching. Let's add that there is also a fourth button installed on the side of the phone, which is used to turn on the LED lamp . Of course, in addition to the above, there are also buttons for the tone volume and turning the phone itself on and off.

Since this is a phone intended for the elderly, we will separate the aforementioned SOS button . Unlike older models, where it was usually located - on the back of the phone - this time, the manufacturer placed it at the bottom of the front, and its sole purpose is to simply and quickly call previously entered phone numbers that will be called in case of danger or emergency. In practice, it works so that if you call someone via the SOS button , the external speaker will automatically turn on, which enables simple communication if you are unable or unable to reach the phone.

A big help from this device comes from the "little things". We will single out the sound volume which is set to the loudest, since most of the users of this device will be of an older age and it is assumed that they do not hear very well. And it is also a very practical stand that, in addition to the holder, also serves as a charger. Let's add that this is a very practical possibility that we believe should be offered to owners of "standard" smartphones as well. In short, with all these possibilities, when the MeanIT Start S5 is on the stand and "waiting" for a call, it irresistibly resembles an already somewhat extinct landline phone.

MeanIT Start S5 Accessories

Android 11

The smartphone for the elderly MeanIT Start S5 currently runs the latest operating system Android 11 . The system itself works great and fast, but you will notice that the application icons are displayed on the screen, which are quite large and easy to access. Also, the applications themselves are filtered . More precisely, users will not be shown "unnecessary" programs and functions that they will probably never use.

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Since this is a smartphone powered by Android 11 , those who don't want such a simplified trial can also include more advanced versions of the system. Android 11 Go is at your disposal, and with it Start 5 becomes a real powerful smartphone.

Technical details

MeanIT Start S5 comes with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. As the memory can be expanded with a 32 GB card, with the specified RAM, this mobile phone will perform all required operations very quickly and comfortably. The phone does not freeze, it quickly performs the tasks you give it, and most importantly, the SOS button has never failed.

In addition, the Start S5 smartphone comes with all the usual functions such as GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth, and it also has dual SIM support for working with two micro-SIM cards. There is also one very interesting possibility that most smartphones do not have, which is support for receiving FM radio stations. The cell phone has a battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh. That might sound small, but this phone is pretty well optimized, so you'll be able to use this phone for days before needing a new charge. Of course, everything depends on how you use it, but the battery will serve you well.

Of course, the MeanIT Start S5 comes with a built-in front and rear camera. The main camera, which is located on the back of the screen, has 2 megapixels, and the front one comes with only 0.3 megapixels. However, this mobile phone is not intended for taking high-quality photos, but the cameras will do their job correctly. Everything is there and very simply organized, so the MeanIT Start S5 is a smartphone that older people will adore.


MeanIT Start S5 is the "king" among mobile phones for the elderly. Until now, such devices were visually outdated and somewhat ridiculous. But we've got that too – the first smartphone aimed at the elderly that really looks like a smartphone. With a few practical accessories such as a charging stand, SOS buttons and buttons for turning on the LED light, this is an ideal phone for the elderly.

And since the Start S5 runs Android 11 GO , with a few clicks this phone becomes an "ordinary" smartphone that could be interesting to others as well. With this price and all the options we have listed, the MeanIT Start S5 is an ideal mobile phone adapted for the elderly.

The smartphone is already available on the popular domestic MeanIT webshop , where it is sold at a price of only $95.

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Name: MeanIT Start S5

Color: Black

Screen: 5 inches / 12.7 centimeters / FWVGA+ TN18:9 480*960

Processor: Quad core

Memory: 2GB ROM, 16GB RAM

Connection: Dual SIM (2G/3G – 2x micro SIM), WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS

Operating system: Android 11 Go

Battery: 2200 mAh (Li-Ion)

Charger: Mobile phone is charged via the stand

Camera: rear 2.0 MP / front 0.3 MP

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- large font and large icons

- senior software

- physical buttons for answering and ending calls, SOS button and LED flashlight button

- possibility of using the classic Android 11 Go interface

- increased conversation volume

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