10 Essential Accessories for the Nintendo Switch


10 essential accessories for the Nintendo Switch

We've rounded up some handy accessories that can help you get the most out of your Nintendo Switch, whether you want a better experience with it in your hands, on the go, or connected to your TV.

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So let's go to the best accessory options for your Switch?

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Are you over the little sticks and triggers available on Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers?

Unless you're exclusively playing on the go, you owe it to yourself to play with something bigger and better. The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is the solution. This gamepad offers all the controls you need for a Nintendo Switch with a much more ergonomic design.

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The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller works wirelessly and can charge using a USB-C cable. If you're worried about keeping a charge, it has a battery life of 40 hours. You'll be ready for an all-day gaming marathon.

The larger, easier-to-use controls should improve your game play and Rumble HD will immerse you even more in your game. It even supports Amiibo with its NFC chip. Best of all, this controller should last the duration of your Switch's lifecycle, making it a very worthwhile investment.

2. Screensaver for Nintendo Switch

If you spend a lot of time in a panicked state when you accidentally drop your Nintendo Switch, it might be time to make a small investment in a screensaver. The tempered glass screen protector lays over the screen of your Nintendo Switch to keep it safe and gives you a little peace of mind when your device starts to slip out of your grasp.

It's built to take the brunt of a drop so you don't have to live with your Switch permanently in docked mode. It is an effective solution and comes at a low price, so if you break it, you can easily replace it much more economically than trying to repair a broken Switch screen.

3. Case para Nintendo Switch

When taking your Switch on the go, you want a case to protect it from the elements, potential scratches, and the inevitable drop. The RDS Carrying Case will do just that with its interior exterior and equipped with soft fabric.

It also includes a place for you to store your little games, so you can put a bunch of extra games in there and not worry about them getting loose in the case.

There are several models, meeting all your needs.

10 essential accessories for the Nintendo Switch

4. microSD Card for Nintendo Switch

Unless you're comfortable carrying a bunch of game cartridges with you, you'll probably want to make sure you have your favorite games installed on your Nintendo Switch.

Of course, there's a bit of a problem with that plan, given how little storage the Switch actually has for games. So, it's worth looking for a microSD card that can dramatically increase the capacity of your Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, you can get solid options for a decent price. It's even worth having more than one card to store different games if you have a very large collection .

5. Grip para Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch's almost entirely flat form factor can be a pain to hold, which isn't fun for users with big hands. If you've ever felt your hands ache after playing the Switch in handheld mode, an extra grip can go a long way.

A grip is an accessory that attaches to your Switch to give you a larger area to hold your Switch. It gives you much more comfort, for much longer.

6. Joy Con Parallel for Nintendo Switch

A pair of extra Joy Cons can give you more friends to play with, while a pair of parallel Joy Cons can give you more comfort.

On most parallel Joy Cons you will find the biggest sticks, triggers and D-pads more accurately in your games and NFC readers.

Research a lot before choosing the Joy Con, as there are several parallel models for all tastes.

7. Parallel Switch Dock

Nintendo's Switch is incredibly portable for a game console, but its dock isn't. It's big, bulky, and the design makes it prone to damage if you're not carefully transporting it. Therefore, a more portable parallel dock will meet all your needs in the best possible way. As a bonus, some even have connectors for charging Joy Cons.

8. Steering wheel for Joy Con

A racing wheel to fit your Joy Con is a fun accessory. You fit your Joy Con and have a lot of fun with your friends.

Of course, it doesn't look anything like a professional racing wheel, but it can give you a good dose of fun.

9. Arcade Controller for Nintendo Switch

Want the most accurate control for fighting games using a fighting stick? Well, an arcade controller helps you in this regard. These connectors can connect to your Switch over Bluetooth, USB-C or a 2.5GHz wireless receiver. This gives you plenty of options for how you connect (plus, you can connect to a PC with some models), so you can easily use it at home or on the go.

10. Charger for Joy Con

The way Nintendo designed the Joy Cons is for them to only charge when connected to the Switch. but what to do when the charge runs out in the middle of a match?

Well, if you have more Joy Cons or use your Nintendo Switch a lot in the dock, a charger for Joy Cons will be a great option.

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