XPG Alpha - is a new top Mouse for Gamers and winner of the Red Dot Design Award for 2022

 The XPG Alpha is ergonomically designed, has excellent performance and style, is equipped with an energy-efficient PAW-3335 sensor and top-of-the-line OMRON switches. It will be available in both wired and wireless versions.

XPG Alpha - is a new top Mouse for Gamers and winner of the Red Dot Design Award for 2022

The ALPHA gaming mouse features a simple and elegant shape and a comfortable grip that reflects XPG's industrial design language called Exoskeleton. This design philosophy emphasizes the balance between form and function, with a focus on ergonomics. By studying data from a large group of different users who used XPG’s artificial intelligence-powered hand scanning application, XPG was able to determine the optimal shape of the mouse. Thus, for example, the total width of the mouse is derived from the average finger measurements performed to design a device with an ideal grip size.

Made for the best gaming experience

XPG ALPHA is impressive from the inside as well. It is equipped with the energy-efficient Pixart high-performance sensor PAW-3335 and can be adjusted in the range of tpi from 100 to 16,000, which meets the requirements of all types of games. In addition, the triangular button on the top of the mouse can be programmed, giving you great flexibility in connecting to XPG PRIME software. The XPG ALPHA is designed to be durable, thanks to top-of-the-line OMRON switches that can last up to 60 million clicks. Its connectivity options include a 2.4 GHz low latency wireless connection, a separate gaming keychain or a standard direct Bluetooth connection for versatility and productivity, and its battery life can last up to 60 hours even when using LED lighting.

RGB lighting on the ALPHA mouse scatters subtle and elegant light through three specific and mutually independent zones. Lighting settings can be stored using three customizable hardware profiles or using XPG PRIME software.

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Customization via XPG PRIME software

The XPG ALPHA is a software programmable gaming mouse whose buttons, tpi settings and RGB lighting effects can be changed to suit the needs of each user. Adjustable buttons, their assignment and macro settings can be programmed and saved to user profiles, so you can easily switch to different PCs.

For more information on the XPG PRIME mouse, visit this link . For prices and availability, see the XPG official website for information .

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