Sony claims that Cameras on Smartphones could surpass DSLR Digital Cameras in a few Years


Sony claims that Cameras on Smartphones could surpass DSLR Digital Cameras in a few Years

Although Sony may not be a big name in the world of smartphones, it is certain that it has been one of the leading manufacturers of sensors and cameras for mobile devices for years. And this from the title is a very bold statement.

Local Japanese media report that Sony has a new revolutionary technology that could completely bring cameras closer to smartphones with that great DLSR and mirrorless digital cameras. That won’t happen anytime soon, but Sony believes it could happen in a few years.

Terushi Shimizu, President and CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) confirmed that “… the quality of photos on smartphones could be better than single-lens cameras in a few years”. According to the presentation he presented, he mentioned the year 2024, when cameras on smartphones could become more accurate than digital ones.

It will be interesting to follow and see how Sony intends to realize this, but on the trail is their new Sony Xperia Pro-I smartphone which has great camera features, let's just mention the 1 inch 20MP sensor, which is a big improvement over the 12MP sensor uses the previous model.

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However, the camera sensors on smartphones cannot match APS-C cameras, but in the near future, even small sensors will be able to receive much more light. Although it is not known exactly when this new technology will appear in mobile devices, it is already in Sony's mirrorless cameras. Another thing that is talked about a lot is artificial intelligence (AI), something that Sony has been using for years, long before competing companies, and mention is made of multi-frame HDR, increasing even greater range (zoom) and significantly better video quality.

If you regularly monitor mobile devices in the last few years, no new revolutionary technology has emerged. True, cameras are getting better and better, but it's more of an evolution based on the principle of "faster, more, stronger" but without some significant new technologies. Why? Because it is very likely the top of the currently available technologies so we are waiting for some new technological breakthrough in some new direction and a new shift of the boundaries of possibilities. And Sony can do it.

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