Huawei unveils latest generation of high-end Laptops, Smartphones, as well as Complete Smart Home and Office Solutions

Huawei unveils latest generation of high-end Laptops, Smartphones, as well as Complete Smart Home and Office Solutions

 Huawei , as one of the largest technology companies today, presented a number of top, technologically advanced products at the just concluded event in Istanbul and presented a development strategy for the upcoming period. Among the premiered smartphones, the 16-inch MateBook D 16 & 16s laptops, the first tablet with E-ink screen MatePadPaper, the new foldable smartphone Mate Xs 2 , as well as the amplification of smartphones from the new series - the new Y70 and the new Y90 and the latest addition to the device 's audio family, FreeBuds Pro 2 .

The fantastic user experience and optimization of smart device technology features presented by Huawei only proves the commitment to innovation and advanced development processes. Precisely for the benefit of users and their user experience, Huawei is developing a powerful product ecosystem in six main areas - smartphones, other smart devices, HMS ecosystem, B2B business, smart car solutions and smart home systems, each area and products within which offer impeccable technological experience based on the intuitive use of artificial intelligence.

Huawei is committed to continuous innovation and bringing the digital world closer to every person, family and organization. Therefore, we maintain high investments in research and development and marketing for various categories of our products. We want to provide consumers with revolutionary innovations and continuously guide the development of the industry

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Huawei Mate Xs 2: Huawei's lightest and flattest foldable smartphone

Introducing the Mate Xs 2, the latest smartphone on offer, Huawei also announces a milestone in its business history. Since this premiere, the company has the most complete portfolio of foldable smartphones, which includes models with internal and external display and flip phones.

The Mate Xs 2, as a completely new and foldable flagship smartphone, brings fantastic design and technical solutions that enable its folding outwards and an ultra light and thin case with impressive operational performance. When disassembled, the Mate Xs 2's screen becomes flat and mirror-smooth, giving users an amazing device assembly experience, equally perfect for fun and business. The Mate Xs 2 is also equipped with other innovative features, such as a 50-MP True-Chroma camera that supports Huawei XD Optics technology, taking mobile photography to new heights. Continuing the tradition of innovation we see on the Watch GT 3 Pro smartwatch and the new 9 SE phone, the Huawei Mate Xs 2 is equipped with a 4600 mAh battery and a 66 W Huawei Super Charge feature for ultra-fast charging on the go.

Huawei new Y70 and new Y90 smartphones: Super battery, super fast charging, super screen

Huawei also presented new mid-range smartphones in Istanbul - the new Y70 and the new Y90. Huawei's new Y70 will delight users with a powerful 6000 mAh battery that requires charging only twice a week, while the new Y90 charges up to 50% in just 30 minutes thanks to HuaweiSuperCharge charging technology of 40 W. Both devices provide intuitive use and an impressive multimedia and entertainment experience thanks to large screens, with the new Y90 bringing a 6.7 ″ Huawei Edgeless Full View screen and an ultra-narrow bezel, while the new Y70 comes with a 6.75 ″ Huawei Full View screen. Combined with outstanding photographic capabilities, sleek design and large storage space, these devices make great smartphones for all scenarios with competitive and affordable prices.

Huawei new Y70 and new Y90 smartphones

Huawei MateBook D 16 & 16s: 16-inch laptops that redefine traditional 15.6-inch laptops and deliver the best specs needed for operation, learning and gaming

Users who work remotely or from home, but miss the traditional office PC set-up with a large monitor, will be pleasantly surprised by the latest additions to Huawei's portfolio of laptops. The company saw the need for consumers for more workspace on computer screens, combined with a desire for more flexibility at work today and done outside the office, and launched a new product line with a 16-inch FullView display. The Huawei MateBook D16 and 16s have a large 16-inch screen that offers plenty of room to work and makes it easy to manage many tasks at once. The MateBook line is powered by a 12th generation Intel Core H-series processor with a TDP of up to 40 W, dual-channel RAM and a fast SSD that seamlessly and efficiently solves multiple tasks and various complex usage scenarios such as data analysis, code compilation,

These innovations allow users to more easily view content over a larger and higher display area, without the need to compromise on other aspects of device performance and operation. With the D 16 and 16s, Huawei delivers a seamless user experience on a variety of networked devices by breaking down barriers to data sharing between them. Simplifying AI file management to further enable device collaboration and allow easy file transfer between PC, smartphone and tablet brings freedom of use and availability of the necessary data no matter where they are located. MateBookD 16 and 16s users can be productive on the go thanks to the device’s high portability thanks to their light weight and sturdy metal body similar to traditional 15.6-inch laptops.

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Huawei MatePadPaper: Huawei's first E-Ink tablet to offer a digitized writing experience that is almost indistinguishable from hand-on-paper

In addition to the already mentioned innovations, Huawei has launched its first tablet with e-ink - MatePadPaper. This device is perfect for anyone who works in the creative industry and appreciates the freedom to work outside the office, but is not ready to give up traditional scripts, writing and all those additional experiences that paper writing brings. Designed to be portable, the MatePadPaper stands out with its slim silhouette and light weight of approximately 360 g, putting quality reading and writing options in the palm of its users. The Huawei MatePadPaper comes equipped with a 10.3-inch FullView display that offers users a comfortable and in-depth reading experience and becomes the first E Ink display model to receive TÜV Rheinland Paper Like Display certification. The unique combination of screen and pen for a revolutionary office recording experience allows for an almost real writing experience on paper. The realistic handwriting experience makes it easier for users to switch to digital notes and removes creative blockages.

Huawei Freebuds Pro 2: wireless smart headphones that bring Hi-Res Dual Sound System TWS for the first time

In the category of audio devices, Huawei has launched a product that will satisfy all fans of crystal clear music and voice - FreeBuds Pro 2. These new headphones stand out excellent sound quality achieved thanks to the Dual Sound System. By adopting and integrating two digital-to-analog converters (DAC) of a chip and a dynamic driver quad-magnet with advanced digital crossover technology, the device is enabled to distinguish between high and low frequency. These features, along with the high-resolution LDAC codec, make the FreeBuds Pro 2 headset the device with the cleanest sound quality in the category.

They are equipped, with the premiere in this category, Triple MIC ANC TWS system that provides 15% less noise compared to the previous model, while in certain scenarios they achieve a maximum use of active noise cancellation of 47 dB. FreeBuds Pro 2 is also equipped with three dynamic audio listening optimization algorithms that can detect changes in volume, differences in ear canal structure, and changes in wearing status in real time. The new headphones build on Huawei's aforementioned approach to the flawless and intuitive use of artificial intelligence in all life scenarios, allowing easy connection to any smartphone operating system.

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Availability and prices of Huawei devices

Expected and presented prices of devices from the Istanbul presentation are:

• Mate Xs 2 - 1,999.00 EUR

• new Y70 - 199.00 EUR

• new Y90 - 269.00 EUR

• Matebook D16 - 899.00 EUR

• MateBook 16s - 1,699.00 EUR

• MatePad Paper - 499.00 EUR

• FreeBuds Pro 2 –199.00 EUR

All information on the start of sales and availability of individual devices in the local market will be available on the official website, social networks and Huawei Croatia forum - Huawei user page , Facebook page Huawei Mobile Croatia , Huawei Mobile Croatia Instagram , Huawei Mobile Croatia You Tube channel and Huawei Forum Croatia .

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