How to turn your Android Phone into a free Webcam


How to turn your Android phone into a free webcam

Today we will discover how we can use an Android phone as a webcam, for free! This method works with both a PC or laptop running Windows, and those based on iOS or Linux.

Below you will find an explanation of how you can use DroidCam to turn your phone into a webcam. An alternative to DroidCam would be Iriun - only it doesn't support audio.

Regardless of the program, the principle is the same: an app installed on the phone, and in parallel a program installed on the PC or laptop.


Step-by-step guide to using your Android phone as a webcam with DroidCam

1. Install the DroidCam app on your phone from here on GooglePlay .(It has a free version. If you want a webcam with higher resolutions, you will have to buy the premium version)

2. Install the DroidCam application on your PC or laptop.

3. Make sure both your PC or laptop and your phone are connected to the same router. The PC may be wired, but it must be connected to the same router that broadcasts the wireless network to which the phone is connected.

4. Open the application on both phone and PC / laptop.

5. Use your phone as a webcam! Go to Skype, OBS Studio and more. Spor!



If you do not want to use the above method, wirelessly, you can also use a USB cable.

You will need to enable USB Debug mode on your phone to work. This means that you have to go to Settings -> About and tap 'build number' 7 times. Then unlock the menu in Settings -> Developer options. From there you can enable USB Debugging.

Then just connect the phone to the PC and open the application on the phone and on the PC / laptop.

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I also made a video on this topic:

I mention that this thing also works on Apple phones or Macs. The steps are similar.

If you already have a microphone, meaning you have a voice recording source and do not want to use the phone's microphone, you can also use the free Iriun application. From here you get the phone application and from here you get the PC / laptop application. The connection mode is the same as above.

Iriun supports higher resolutions from the start. That would be an advantage over DroidCam. And if you want to stream with OBS Studio, probably with a quality microphone and Iriun you get the best video / audio quality combination.

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