Will the Number of Cameras on Smartphones Continue to Grow?

Will the number of cameras on smartphones continue to grow?

 In recent years, cameras on smartphones have advanced significantly, both in terms of quality and number. Will it continue to develop in a similar direction?

Innovations and new technologies have enabled the significant development of cameras on smartphones. Today, they are already so sophisticated and precise that in many cases they can replace classic digital cameras, if we can call them that.

Analytical house Counterpoint Research published interesting information in which they showed that the number of cameras on smartphones grew from Q1 2019 to Q1 2022, so we went from devices that have one camera on average to devices that have four rear cameras on average. (see chart below). According to this analysis, most smartphones produced today have four cameras.

In the last few years, the company DxOMark has emerged, whose scale of smartphones with the best cameras in the world you can think of whatever you want, but the fact is that it is probably the only relevant and most detailed scale in the world. Currently, Honor Magic4 Ultimate has the best cameras, which we wrote about in detail .

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In which direction will this go next? Will the number of cameras on smartphones increase? Some time ago, I talked to the director of a globally known brand and he told me that this will continue, so that smartphones could have even more cameras. We hope that what you see in the cover picture doesn't happen :) Why do I think that? So you just have to go back to digital cameras that have one sensor / camera, so as technology advances, it's possible to go back to just one camera.

We will see what the near future brings us…

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