Smartphone Sales in China Fell by 14%, the only Significant Growth was Recorded by Honor (Counterpoint)

Smartphone sales in China fell by 14%, the only significant growth was recorded by Honor (Counterpoint)

As we announced earlier, it seems that we are entering a period of stagnation in the market, which is also felt in the sale of smartphones. In the most populous country in the world, there was a decline in sales in double digits.

According to data published by the analytical house Counterpoint Research, the Chinese smartphone market "sank" by almost a seventh, or 14% compared to the same period last year. All manufacturers recorded a large decline in sales, most notably Huawei (64.2%), Oppo (31.2%), Vivo (21.3%) and Xiaomi (15.5%).

Only three companies recorded growth - Realme of 1.6%, Apple of 4.4% and Honor, which recorded a significant growth of as much as 166.8%. Vivo (19.7%), Oppo (18.0%) and Apple (17.9%) still hold the largest market share, while Honor with 16.9% and Xiaomi with 14.9% are among the top five.

Honor owes its great growth to the new models from the Honor 60 and Magic 4 series, while Apple's iPhone smartphones have always sold well in China. Of course, the year is still long and there will be many more changes.

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