Samsung Smartphones have Problems - Can Attackers create Chaos without the Owner's Knowledge?

Samsung Smartphones have Problems - Can Attackers create Chaos without the Owner's Knowledge?

This security flaw is labeled CVE-2022-22292, and similar to computers, attackers can fully control Samsung smartphones without the knowledge of their owner. Even reset it to factory settings.

You must be interested in which Samsung smartphones are in question. According to the information published on April 5 on the website of the mobile security company Kryptowire , these are all models that run on versions of the operating system from Android 9 to Android 12.

This is a series of security vulnerabilities in which local applications can "mimic" system-level activities, or in other words have access to everything, so potential attackers can do virtually anything they want on your Samsung smartphone - restore it to factory settings, make phone calls without your knowledge (even emergency services), install and delete applications, delete the phonebook, compromise HTTPS by installing root certificates , and perform other unauthorized actions, all without the knowledge of the user or owner of the smartphone.

This security issue under the designation CVE-2022-22292 was discovered by Kryptowire, a company that deals with security on mobile devices, which they reported to Samsung on November 27, 2021, which was assessed as a "high-risk failure". It wasn’t until February 2022 that Samsung released a security patch through its standard Security Maintenance Release (SMR) process.

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This security vulnerability was contained in the Phone application, which contained an insecure component that allowed local applications to perform system-level activities without user authorization. Also, Kryptowire recommends regular automated security scanning, whether for private or business users .

Have you ever thought about how someone else can have access to your smartphone without your knowledge? Unfortunately, that is possible. Mobile applications have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, and thus increasingly attractive points of unauthorized attackers.

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