What do Apps have that don’t have Online Websites?


What do Apps have that don’t have Online Websites?

Creating applications has become a matter of prestige in online business, and for all those who are wondering why download and use them instead of online sites, here are some useful answers…

How did it all start?

It all started with online sites, where companies presented themselves on the Internet, and then social networks appeared, and then applications, as the latest way to get closer to their users.

There are already more than five million different apps in the Google Play and App Store, and some businesses have completely switched from websites to app businesses, such as dating sites, as well as streaming and movie streaming services.


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Today's applications allow you to correspond, check e-mails, order transportation, play games and use your favorite social networks, and the online casino , where thousands of different graphically demanding games work seamlessly in your application, shows how powerful the technology behind them is. , even if you don't have a high-end cell phone in your hands.

In any case, whether you use them for your business or for relaxation and entertainment, mobile applications have their advantages over websites, which we will mention on this occasion…


Faster link opening

The biggest difference you will feel after switching from the website to the app is the speed improvement. Namely, downloading the application to the memory of your mobile phone reduces the time it takes to open links, which is very noticeable.

This makes you less dependent on the behavior of the server where the online website is stored and, as a rule, easier access to the desired information, ie your user profile, which usually goes with every application you store on your mobile phone.


Easier to the desired action

Once you create an icon on the screen of your mobile phone, you minimize the path to the desired action in your application.

Any good app will also remember your data and you will not have to log in every time, unlike the pages in the mobile browser, which usually forget your access data very quickly and have to enter it again.


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It is true that creating shortcuts to an online page can to some extent nullify this advantage of the application, but if we take into account the speed, then it is clear that you will get what you are looking for in your app much faster than trying to get it online…



Apps also give you the ability to customize them to your own user preferences. For example, when it comes to sports betting as reviewed by Rizik.hr , the application will remember your user profile settings, including your favorite leagues and sports, as well as the standard bet you play most often.

The same goes for completely different types of apps, such as dating apps that will memorize the characteristics of the person you're looking for, and the taxi app will remember your last rides and offer you addresses of destinations you've traveled to in the past.


Push notifications

And perhaps the biggest difference between online sites and apps are push notifications, which are an important part of the app user experience.

Namely, if you do not forbid it, each application will send you notifications, which will appear at the top of your mobile screen. These can be promotions, news or notifications about received messages, which is very useful if it is an application that is really important to you.


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Push notifications can completely replace the newsletter and are much more effective than notifications that online sites try to send you, but the vast majority of users block them at the start.

So, applications are really valuable news in the world of the Internet and it should definitely be used, in accordance with the memory space you have on your mobile phone. Of course, to really enjoy them, try to download only the ones that are really important to you, because the others will be nothing but a nuisance, when they start sending you unnecessary notifications and taking up screen space, despite never clicking on them. …

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