The Google Pixel 7 Series of Elite Smartphones could Appear Earlier

The Google Pixel 7 Series of Elite Smartphones

What interests us the most is certainly whether the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones will run on Google's Tensor processor, with which they are not really famous.

If you follow our portal regularly then you know that we have repeatedly announced that the new Pixel 6 series of smartphones had a lot of bugs and problems that they tried to solve with upgrades, more or less successfully. It is possible that these problems are due to "synchronization" with the company's Tensor processor, and the company hopes that these problems are behind them and that the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro series will shine in full glory.

Maybe even motivated by all these problems they are trying to throw out a new series sooner. Recall that Pixel smartphones are usually released in the fall in October, and it is mentioned that the new "week" will come a month earlier, in September. The new Pixel 7 is expected to have a 6.3-inch 90Hz refresh screen, while the stronger Pixel 7 Pro should also have a larger 6.7-inch LTPO refresh screen of 120Hz.

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They say that the new series will be smaller, thinner and lighter, most likely due to the smaller battery, which does not necessarily mean that it will be smaller in capacity. We expect the Pixel 7 series to also run on Google’s Tensor sensor, while the design should be very similar to the current model.

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