15 Best iPhone Apps for 2022

 The functions of the applications are diverse: they range from social networks, maps to even applications for streaming music or video. Check out our list! 

You still don't know what to download on your new iPhone? Or even in the one you already used, but still don't know so many applications? So Top7Mobiles will help you find the best iPhone apps to get in this new year with many essential apps and others that can help you at various times. Check out our list!


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Starting with one of the most used applications on any operating system, Gmail. This is the app that gives access to Google email, which ends up being one of the pillars when it comes to this ecosystem. Through it you can send and receive emails, as well as use other features such as creating special bookmarks, scheduling messages and other things. If you still don't have a Gmail account, when you install the application, you'll see the option to create a new account, and that way you'll be able to enjoy all its advantages.


Microsoft Outlook

An alternative to Gmail is Microsoft's Outlook app. It has several interesting tools such as a calendar integrated into the appointment system, an inbox focused on the most important emails and many others. And even though it's an iPhone app, it's still possible to sync your account to an Apple Watch app, so you can stay on top of your emails with or without your smartphone nearby.



Continuing with our suggestions for iPhone applications, still in the Microsoft footprint, we have Skype here. The messenger from Bill Gates' company has several tools for communication, such as instant messaging, video calling, inclusion of emojis in messages and other types of features. Being an iPhone application, it allows you to call other Skype users free of charge, as well as allowing you to enter a phone number into the application, allowing people to call you and you answer directly through it.



The application was widely used and widespread among young people at the time of 2010. Today, Snapchat is still widely used, despite focusing on foreign countries. Even so, he is the pioneer in what is currently called “ stories ”. The entire social network is focused on those images or videos that disappear from the social network within 24 hours. In addition, it also offers a range of filters that you might end up getting lost without knowing.



Learning a new language is always good, right? Even if you already have a basic understanding of some other language, improving yourself in it or learning new ones can be a good option, especially when it's within reach of your hands - literally. With Duolingo you can learn dozens of new languages, from English to French, Italian, Greek, Japanese and many others. It offers, for free, several challenges according to your level of knowledge, tested when you configure the application on your smartphone. In a recent update it is even possible to take lessons in offline mode.



Surely you've heard of a source from Wikipedia, right? This is the most popular collection of information on the internet. It, powered by anyone on the internet — who has knowledge on the subject and goes through a verification process —, offers information on the most diverse subjects, people, places, situations… literally almost anything you can find on Wikipedia . Having it on your smartphone can help you make various queries quickly. The fact that it is one of the first results when someone searches for something on Google confirms its relevance, although you should always be careful with what you read on the internet.



Are you an anime lover? So this app should be the first one to be installed on your iPhone. With Crunchyroll you have access to a huge catalog of anime and other oriental content, such as dramas. An hour after an episode has been released in Japan, it is possible to check that same episode subtitled in Portuguese. In the free version you have access to some animes, as well as there are ads during the episodes, however, in the paid version, you have unlimited access to the catalog and you are also free of ads.



I think it needs no introduction, right? Largest application for streaming movies and series, Netflix has a catalog full of entertainment that varies between movies, series, documentaries, animations, anime and others, and within them, it is also possible to check genres as varied as their categories, as well as action, romance, comedy, horror, thriller, adventure and more. Your iPhone browsing is quite fluid and the experience can be quite satisfying. If you haven't created an account yet, you can try out the application within 30 days, after which you will have to choose a plan to join.



Another popular app is Spotify. It is a music streaming service , that is, when using it, you can search for your favorite songs, artists and albums to listen to them online — and depending on the occasion, you can listen to them offline too! It can be used for free to listen to podcasts and listen to music, but in the latter case, there are certain limitations, such as inclusion of ad in the range of one track and another. If you purchase a plan, then access to resources is unlimited and there are no more ads between tracks.



Now we have a suggestion for the gamer audience. If you belong to this group, you've probably heard about Twitch, a streaming platform that streams people playing various games. Between offline, online and even some board games, it is possible to follow several streamers who are playing in real time around the world. The Twitch community is usually very tight-knit and fun, a place where you come to make friends, either with the player who is broadcasting or with other viewers, through chat, who have a lot of fun too. Twitch was acquired by Amazon, and by joining Amazon Prime, you get some perks on Twitch and also rewards in some games.


Google Maps

Another application related to the Google ecosystem, Google Maps helps you on several occasions. It works like a locator map, that is, you can search for locations, addresses or city names to check whatever you want, geographically. For example, you can check the distance from one place to another, regardless of how the journey will be done: on foot, by car, by bus, on a motorcycle… possible routes, generally giving preference to the shortest routes. Don't get lost!



Well known worldwide, Instagram is one of the most used social networks on Meta — formerly Facebook —. Despite being mostly used by young and adult audiences, the social network is also accessed by several other groups. It has been focused on sharing photos and albums since its inception, but has shared this attention with content in short videos, which are so successful today. It is also possible to chat with your followers (or not) by direct messages, as well as react to these messages and also send media such as photos or videos, which disappear soon after being seen.



Another application belonging to the Meta group, WhatsApp is exclusively a messenger. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, which offer a news feed and shares, on WhatsApp we see an immediate focus on instant messaging. Despite this, there are still other communication features in the application such as statuses that can contain different media that disappear after 24 hours and video calls with other people who also have WhatsApp. This is all done for free, just having the app on your smartphone completely configured.



Direct competitor of WhatsApp — when we refer to “messaging apps” — Telegram also offers features when it comes to instant communication. In addition to messaging, it can also be used for video calling. This application is well known for supporting groups with thousands of people, making it possible to exceed the mark of a thousand members in a single group. Security is the strong point here, as messages are strictly protected, as are calls, whether voice or video.



And ending our suggestions with the best iPhone apps, we also have Twitter. It, one of the oldest social networks on the internet, offers interaction between users through messages that can be shared in tweets – this is how these messages are called on the platform – of up to 140 characters. Despite the limitation, this is not a problem on the social network, because if you were not able to say everything you wanted in a single tweet , it is possible to proceed in another one, building what is called a Thread , or “Thread”, in translation. literal.

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